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This books talks about love; how to love fellow humans and overall explains what love is. Book also entitles love to oneself and offers directions for love to thrive in human life.

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Read a foreword to the e-book:  What is Love

“When I got the book I read it in one breath. But I did not understand much at first. However, there was an accompanied feeling of calmness, contentment, and security. Now I take the book in my hands several times a week and read a random page or two. I’m only now starting to understand the message of Love. The book helps me to step out of my daily autopilot. It supports me in focusing on the here and now. I feel peace and carefree.

The book is for me a textbook that encourages me to understand that there is love around me and I am part of it myself and thus never lonely. Everything we put into the environment we get back. I learned that with the help of the book. And now I know if I give love I receive love.

How to Love the Other carries a very practical value of looking at what life brings us. Sometimes it is not easy to understand an event, a situation. In any case, a randomly selected page in the textbook can help us look at situations outside of the established framework and support us to make the right decision and thus earn appeasement. I strongly recommend this book to everyone who seeks love. I also advise this book to my coaching clients who are in the transform of their lives.”