Business Virtue Program

Business Virtue Program is highly effective and interactive program where companies skill and practice applied business virtuous behaviour. Program tackles business culture and its non-virtuous processes. It engages the whole collective – employees, management and C-level. The program is intended for businesspersons who want to improve their business practices and grow in business excellence. Furthermore, the program is attractive to all who are keen on business culture development and profiting.

The program grounds on academic and professional applied business contents and gives to the company personalized and all-inclusive insights on business virtues. By applying the program to daily business practices, employees and decision makers not only advance in character traits and talents but also enhance professional skills. They get motivated and prosper at the workplace. Likewise they improve business practices and set parameters for good business that further on lifts the company’s reputation.

How business virtue program is done

  • Analysis of virtuous business activity, concentration on work environment and management
  • Planning and delivering the business ethics strategy – personalized internal educational program
  • Trainings, consulting and coaching on business virtues for employees, management and C-level
  • Engaging workforce to implement the delivered business ethics strategy
  • Ongoing review and adaptation of business virtues program
  • Minimum one year long process of growth in virtuous business culture

Why business virtue program


Trainings on business virtues empower employees and management for virtuous action inside and outside of the workplace.


Virtuous business by itself makes a statement We care, We do good. By applying a continuous virtue program companies sets a standard of good business and henceforth strengthen business. Studies show virtuous behaviour increases profitability in both short and long term.

Good behaviour

Virtuous work environment increases health and well-being of employees. Virtuous behaviour of the business leaders and staff boosts work efficiency and increases loyalty to the company. Virtuous employees are the most important resource of successful company and are part of sustainable strategy.

Business Culture

Virtues business culture raises the value of the company. Internal and external business activity is empowered and more sustainable. In result virtuous culture attracts highly skilled professionals, customers and thus increases market value of the company.

For who

SME’s and Corporate companies. For whole collective or department, unit of the company. Program addresses all employees, especially decision makers, management and C-level.

Application details

Send your inquiry to our e-mail address.

Program is held Stephan Werhahn and Kaja Kosec

Stephan Werhahn is entrepreneur and financing specialist since more than 25 years. He is a managing founder of the Institute Europe of Market Economies, Munich/Berlin. Moreover, Stephan is an executive vice president of UNIAPAC Europe, Brussels/Paris and executive board member of BKU, Berlin/Cologne.

Kaja Kosec holds two Masters in Theology from Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and is specialized professional in Business Ethics. Kaja is a founder of a start-up project For Dialogue, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Moreover, she is a project manager of Erasmus+ Youth for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics. Nonetheless, she is a mentor at Community of Slovenian Women Entrepreneurs.